You will not recognize him: The radical change of the boy in the movie ‘Extraordinary’

I’m sure you remember ‘August Pullman’, a 10-year-old boy who was born with a malformation on his face and was afraid that he would not be accepted by his classmates at school. Starring actor Jacob Tremblay from the movie ‘Extraordinary’. You will be amazed how he looks, leaving behind the sweet and innocent child.

‘Extraordinary’ was recorded in 2017 and belonged to the drama and comedy genres. It was directed by Stephen Chbosky, who was based on the 2012 book of the same name by Raquel Palacio. In the main cast, it was possible to appreciate the participation of great actors such as Julia Roberts (mother of ‘Angust’) and Owen Wilson (father of ‘Angust’).

Tremblay moved the entire audience of ‘Wonder’, so called in English, for his character who managed to provoke a reflection to stop the bullying that, for years, has plagued schools.

The boy spent more than an hour putting on makeup to achieve the expected transformation. In an interview with the portal ‘Awardsdaily’, he talked about the prosthesis that he had to use to bring his character to life.

“It took me about two hours to put on the prosthesis and half an hour to take it off. It is very interesting because it was made up of many pieces, the neck piece, the main face piece, contact lenses, a wig and dentures.”

He also added that by looking in the mirror he was able to take over his character and feel real: “I thought it was so realistic. Looking in the mirror helped me understand and use my imagination to become ‘Auggie.’”

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